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Animatronic Dinosaur

Zigong Century Dinosaur Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. ,in short Dino Century, is a professional animatronic dinosaur maker with a batch of skillsman with decades of experience in making the most realistic dinosaur products. Locating in zigong city ,which owns the third largest dinosaur museum in the world, we possess the unique advantages on this field. Every piece of work is with our full dedication. We pledge to bring the jurassic world back to you in every corner.  

Now, welcome to the amazing dinosaur land presented to you by Dino Century.

To simulate a dinosaur like a real life is never an easy job. We study hard on every details from structure joint connection and system operating to skin texture carving, dedicate ourself to present you a perfect animatronic dinosaur.

Traditional dinosaur skeleton replicas will make you wondering 

if it is newly unearthed. Well for sure, to cater the morden market, we do have fashion designs like this as well. The special surface processing technics makes the skeleton more like a piece of art.

Looking for an unique feathered dinosaur? You have it here. Feathers are sticked onto the skin by our artists with their own hands. It takes days to work only on the feathered skin surface. 

This is kid's favorate. An animatronic dinosaur ride.

 Of course we have animals ride for sale too. Type of rides includes the waving type, walking type and mini vehicle type. Don't be surprised that you kids would like to stand in a huge long queue just to ride on this super Animatronic dinosaur. Well, Don't deny that you want to try it too. 

What if a tree can talk? Can't find a cool ornament for festival decorating or your backyard garden? From now on, get rid of the dull decorations and invite Grandpa Tree to tell a story to all.

Animatronic animals are in same hot telling.Insects,fur animals, 

we have lots of options here available. For some reason,they are the easiest and best choice for amusement land decoration.

Here it is! We all love dinosaur costumes. If you ever get the luck to wear this fantastic walking dinosaur costume, you will tell yourself that I have to buy this. Enjoy your show time! Now it's lighter, easier to operate ,with more unexpectible functions and perfect details. So make sure you reach at us asap.