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Shipping Options of Animatronic Dinosaurs

FCL Shipment20ft container (load capacity: 28cbm), 40ft container (load capacity: 68cbm). Once a full container is required to deliver the animatronic dinosaurs(animatronic animals), the cargoes will first be protected with layers of bubble films and then load in. The containers are subject to considerably less handling as they are loaded in our Zigong factory and unloaded only at the destination.

Option 1 —shipping through Chongqing Port (Less freight but 15 days longer shipping time):
    Chongqing port is an inland port, which is only 200KM away from our factory. Shipping agent arranges the containers to our factory to load dinosaurs (animals) directly. From Chongqing port to shanghai port, it will go by river shipping.

Option 2 — Shipping through Shanghai/Shenzhen Port (Faster, but more costly):
    Shanghai/Shenzhen port is 2000KM away from our factory. A 17m long truck will be used to transfer the animatronic dinosaurs (animatronic animals) to port for loading. 3-5 days is enough for inland transportation.